ACTION ALERT: Address Farming and Worker Challenges in the Farm Bill

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An inclusive Farm Bill is essential for keeping up with the realities of people earning a living in agriculture in rural America. Both the House and the Senate have released proposals. The Senate  proposal includes a historic expansion of initiatives honoring the people who are responsible for feeding the nation—including small farms, beginning and minority farmers, and grocery, farm and food workers.

The House proposal emphasizes the importance of the farm safety net and rural investments. These proposals have significant disparities that will need to be resolved. Yet, bipartisanship is shown to be possible. Currently, the House proposal shares a few inclusive initiatives in common with the Senate’s. 

A key principle of sustaining agriculture is increasing the share of the bounties of farming the land across the spectrum. This spectrum includes small farmers, new and minority farmers (women, veterans, Latino, Black, and others), farm workers and other food workers as well as rural communities.  As the ELCA social statement Sufficient, Sustainable Livelihood for All points out, "Farmers face the challenge of producing this food in ways that contribute to the regeneration of the land and the vitality of rural communities. At the same time, society as a whole must address the high levels of risk farmers face...". An inclusive Farm Bill honors the meaningful participation of all these individuals in our farm and food systems.

Advocate for an inclusive Farm Bill. Using your own words, local experience and values, urge your member of Congress to support the livelihood of farm workers, food workers, and new farmers!

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